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Beacon Technologies is rooted in tradition. Since 1998, we’ve never strayed from our original mission to provide excellence at every level. 

We know that respect fosters teamwork with all our business partners, that exceptional customer service makes a difference, and that there’s never a good reason to compromise our values. We also know it’s essential to improve continuously—to assess our performance along with new technologies and methods—and to always provide the best value for our clients.

We are committed to excelling on every level, we deliver quality work safely, efficiently, and with the kind of service that earns our clients’ respect and makes them look forward to working with us again.

Our Services

Design & Installation

We install what we design. Our installation skills do not come from an outsourced vendor. With a team of more than 60+ certified technicians assigned to Fire, Life Safety, Audio Visual, Security, and Cabling services you can rest assured that we have invested in the expertise to ensure that projects are installed on time and under budget. In addition, clients’ benefit from value-added procurement support, project management and construction administration support to every project.


As your business grows, we are available to support your needs. Our systems are designed and installed so that we can easily move components, add features, and make changes to the configuration to best suit your needs.


Accidents happen, equipment breaks, and systems sometimes fail. Our certified technicians are available to get your systems up and running as quickly as possible.


Routine inspections give you peace of mind that you equipment and systems will work as designed when your need them most. Our team is available to inspect your systems and provide recommendations and solutions to keep your equipment and systems running smoothly.  


Dedicated alarm monitoring keeps your most valuable assets protected. Our systems are designed to alert you and the needed first responders quickly to ensure the safety of those you are protecting.

Preventive Maintenance


We believe in preventive maintenance versus reactive maintenance. This approach ensures that critical systems work when they are needed. You can take comfort that our team is up to date on all recommended equipment maintenance requirements and offers a full suite of warranty programs. Our Support Team of specialized responders delivers guaranteed uptime across all product categories.


Knowing where to begin is often the most difficult part of any project. Our team will meet with you to discuss your needs, walk your space, and design and deliver a plan to help you achieve your goals.

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